Smart Bell System in Nepal for Schools, Colleges and Factories

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Automatic Bell ringing device and software for schools, colleges and factories
In Nepal, most of the systems are imported from Nepal and they do not work in the way we want them to work. Similar is the scenario with bells at schools or colleges as there are multiple times when we want the bell to ring. We do by the involvement of a person in ringing the bell. However, in the present condition where everything can be controlled virtuall and with the power of IoT, we have designed, developed and implemented smart bell system in Nepal.
We provide following features in our automatic bell system:

  • A device that connects to electrical bell  
  • A mobile application that can set ringing times  
  • Calendar app in mobile to set and define holidays  
  • Emergency Ring facility from the mobile application
  • 5 years warranty on system

The Product

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Install and Automate your BELL Now!

Call us @ 9863277913