Smart Water Meter

What is it?

Traditional way of metering water tap has given a huge loss to the government of Nepal as the system currently implemented is totally a manual system. With the help of smart water meter system, water supplier will not have to bother about going to individual household and start seeing what is in the meter. The system installed, that is the smart meter installed at the main connection pipleline at the customer's premises will be automatically sensed by our sensor. The sensor then provides the data to our server which will automatically trigger notification every month that will be given to customer as wel as service provider informing the amount to be paid.
The term smart itself suggests that every thing shall be autonomous which ofcourse is done by the meter that we provide. From auto-sensing the volume of water being used to the total amount to be paid, the system of electronic lab nepal, everything is well notified to the user as well as the supplier. With the software developed for the smart water meter, the supplier will also be able to know whoch particular zone or household uses what volume of water and at what time. This sort of auto-sensing helps the governing body of Nepal associated with water supply and management to be more tech-friendly and adds more efficiency in their existing working style. Online payment from the mobile application is alos possible once the system developed by electronic lab has been installed. The mobile application will automatically notify users regarding the payment to be done and the amount will also be shown in the application. The amount to be paid online will be equivalent to the paying ratio as prescribed by the water supplier or as per the rules and regulation of government of Nepal.

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Smart Water Meter

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