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Water Controller for Home, Office, School, Hospital, Airport and many more
The major focus of water controller is always towards saving even a single drop of water from overflowing as far as possible. To do this, the water controller measures the level of water present in your water tank or any water reservoir and turn the water pump on or off accordingly. We currently have different types of water controller from simplest to the most advanced controllers. In Kathmandu valley the scarcity of water makes it even more difficult to store water in tank that too in very hectic life schedule. With the water controller system you will be care free on the water availability at your water storage as the device itself will be taking care of that.
We provide 3 different versions of water controller where user can choose as per their requirements:

  • Water Level Indicator   NRs 5500/-
  • Water Level Indicator and Controller   NRs 8500/-
  • Water Level Indicator and Controller with Wi-Fi   NRs 15,000/-
  • Water controller can be very beneficial for house, school, hospitals, office, industries and many more. For saving water from overflowing this product has been appreciated by many who have been using this from few years. Energy saving has been another target of this product as this product can cut off water pump for unwanted operations. The water controller can detect water level in the tank which will operate accordingly to turn the water pump on or off. There are various ways to automate a water pump based on the varieties of sensors that are available readily or made differently in customization with the need of the environment. We use customized as well as universal sensors in our products to automate water pumps. The product itself is made in different customization as per the need. Since, the motors used in household are entirely different from the motors used in commercial zones, we have to cope up with every situation and develop a product according to that manner. For example: in commercial purpose pumps with power configuration of atleast 2Hp is generally used where as in case of home that may not be required. We design circuits in such a way that the problem is solved in both cases at the same time keeping in account the quality and price factor.
    The product we develop are made to solve the problem that we have faced in Nepal. We donot import these from abroad to make business happen and end up being the dull product. Instead we have a team that is dedicated in making the product more user friendly and effective every time. We make each and every product go through a basic testing to the intense testing so that user upon installation can feel secured about the water availability and pumping. The product comes with service after installation for one year of time. Specailly, in Kathmandu where we have so much of irregulairty in the supply system this product can save a lot of time of any individual. In winter season it is even more irriating to time up with the water supply system and checking the availability.
    Simply become carefree by giving us a call to install one at yours.

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