Lights Automation

Light automation system is an intelligent lighting control system that is capable of turning on or turning off the light without physically switching on or off by the human. The system can be configured to turn on or turn off the light automatically according to the different affecting parameters such as: time of the day, sunrise/sunset, alarm condition, and other program logic as required. As well as the Level of the illuminance can be increased or decreased as the place becomes darker or brighter. The system can also be operated with the help of remote control or via an application installed in any smart devices such as: mobile, tablet, iPad, smartwatch, etc. as per the users need. This helps not only to save the energy by providing right amount of light but also to utilize the energy efficiently by automating the system. Light automation system is being used widely on both indoor and outdoor lighting of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. The system can be implement on wide scale in street light as well so that the manpower to turn it on and off can be eliminated as the light will turned on at evening and turned off at the daytime automatically. The system is also very helpful to the residential purpose as it is not required to get out of the bed to hit the light switch on or off.

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Lights Automation

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