Home Automation

a. Light Automation
Light automation is all about control of light without human involvement. The light will only turn on when there is less amount of brightness present in a room or any corridor. Sensor and the integrated network system will be responsible for turning the lights on or off without letting you bother about turning on lights when its dark or turning off light when its bright enough to work or see through. For light automation without network we provide sensor based system which will automatically switch the light on or off. The only difference between network enabled system or network disabled system is that you will be able to view the entire information from anywhere in network enabled system but in network disabled your lights will be controlled but you will not be able to view the ongoing process. b. Electronic Appliances Everything that operates under electricity falls under electronic appliances. Having that quoted most widely used electronic appliances are AC, heaters, rice cookers, water pumps, printers, computers, etc. Almost any appliances can be controlled automatically from remote location or from the near by location but the appliances won’t bother you anymore for the direct involvement of your just to initiate their work. You can also gather every information of their operation 24 hours a day.

Block Representation

Home Automation

Block View

In the figure above the block diagram represents connection of sensors to various appliances that can be controlled to make our day to day activities easier. The sensors on the other hands will be controlled by micro-controllers which are assumed to be the brain of every smart device. There might be more appliances in the block diagram but for now the representation shows nine different appliances connected to sensors. With the demand of controlling any device, we can connect them to sensor and finally to the controller hence making them automatically controlled. Smart office or home is the concept that became reality when the development of sensor became huge and acceptable. Only after the development of sensors and their reliability, major development in the concept of smart appliance came to existence. In context of Nepal, the major challenge few years back for the implementation of smart office or home used to be power outage or blackouts but as we all have experienced that blackouts have been diminished from last couple of years, the opportunity to explore Nepalese market in terms of smart appliances has doubled than ever before. Now, the only challenge that remains is to convince people that this is the technology that will make their life better.

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