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Health care IoT sensors and application development has always been one of the core interest as well as focus of Electronic Lab Nepal ever since the lab was setup. With immense growth of elder citizen in the capital city of Kathmandu valley, the lab has always put itself first in a row of many other competitors working in the same field. Electronic Lab believes that the innovation is only possible when one tries to develop solution that addresses local problem rather than importing branded products. It is very important to address the growing groups of senior citizen with the innovation in Internet of Things.

Research and Development in Healthcare IoT
No one can stop humans from ageing but no one can either stop from making beautiful way to live when we age. But for the beautiful life we can when we are not strong enough has to have some invention for which we need to work from now on. It is also said that capital city of Nepal is becoming old not only in terms of it's infrastructure but also the population. The age group above 60 has been rising every year in the valley which needs immediate action from both government as well as private sectors. Keeping this in account, we at Electronic Lab have been able to put forth some solution made with some specific research:
a. Blood pressure measurement
The device simply comes with a display unit that shows the measured blood pressure of an individual with the help of sensors and embedded system. The accuracy of measurement device has been a major factor our research and development team gave more attention with during its development at lab. The measured blood pressure of a patient will be continuosly sent over internet and saved over the server for the future reference. The data can also be sent to the respective doctor or relatives for inspection in real time as well. The result can be viewed in web or smart phone whenever needed and can also be shared over email or can be sent doctor via any social networking application.
b. ECG- Electrocardiography
ECG is an essential diagnostic technology or a tool that is widely accepted by the medical world. The basic functionality ECG is read the rate of hear beat per unit time which is measured in terms of electric pulsed generated by the combination of some electronic sensors and devices. Introduction of Internet of Things to ECG makes the report and analytical portion of ECG readily available to the medical personnel including doctors. With IoT the physical presence of doctors are not needed as the data and analysis are sent to them via internet in many feasible and reliable devices be it mobile, computer or any other internet accessing medical equipments. The detailed activity of heart is plotted in a graph which will be saved in cloud with the help of micro-controllers and internet enabled device that consists of network of sensors with both high end efficiency and reliability.
c. Oximeter
Electronic device capable of reading oxygen level in blood is referred to as oximeter. IoT can play a vital role in moving one's real time data within a instant of time to a medical monitoring zone, a hospital or may be directly to the palm of a doctor without giving extra level or torture to the patient. The development of various IoT sensors has made it possible to move sensitive data within a second to almost any part of the globe.
d. Heart Beat Rate
e. Smart Health Assistant for Senior Citizen
f. Health Station monitoring
g. Personal Healthcare Assistant
h. Senior Citizen's movement monitoring
i. Obstacles detecting wears
j. Temperature and Humidity controlled environment
k. Indicate heart beat in realtime
l. Digital Pedometer for calories burn monitoring

Electronic Lab Nepal has also been engaging itself in various research and development activities for the innovation on IoT in healthcare sector. Apart from research and development, the Lab also conducts workshop on IoT in Kathmandu on timely basis to uplift the understanding of IoT in heathcare sector. Healthcare IoT is not only complex but it's reliability also matters the most it has direct affect on health of patient. Thus, the Research and Development of these products takes more time than one can expect in order to make a final product that is ready to take care of one in need.
With the aim to develop centralized system for health to make Nepal a smarter nation than it was ever before, the lab has been conducting research on various healthcare related tech projects. Government of any country will be able to get centralized medical data only if healthcare IoT is given core attention from the very beginning and in context of Nepal, the country is at exact phase where government's intervention to initiate the basic structure is to be realized no lately than now. Nepal being a landlocked country, drone based medical supply can play a huge role in making remote villages connected and get enough supply of medicines within minutes no matter how difficult the route may be as technological solution is what lab like ours are ready to provide or assits with in any situation for the social benefit of the nation.
In today's generation of cloud, Nepal has to accept the changes going globally in healthcare as well and make itself preared for the cloud based healthcare. The lab dreams of providing centralized data that would be able to inform the entire nation that which disease is affecting how many individuals and which medicine is required to address the issue instantly in real time. The development or accomplishment of this goal would lead to making Nepal much more smart and may also help the nation in becoming independent in the field of heathcare as the data would help to predict what is needed and for how long or for when.
Products for IoT in healthcare would become more stronger when portable and reliable products are made with immense research are produced. For this to be realized not only research parties but also the effort from government is needed which would result in flexible environment to work as well as speedup the process of production of new innovation.


Telecare Nepal

We have collaborated with Telecare Nepal to make health IoT more practicable and possible in Nepal through Telemedicine. Telecare Nepal provides Telemedicine Services in Nepal and has initiated it's service from Dadeldhura. Electronic Lab designed the health IoT basic devices and defined technical parameters to maked fluent communication between the service center and Kathmandu office.

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