Java Training | Core Java | Advanced Java

Java Training in Kathmandu

The Content
a. Core Java
The content of core java designed by the lab consists of every details that covers students having no concept of any programming languages in the past. The concept of providing core java training is to boost the programming concept from the very first class to the students joining the class. In Kathmandu, you will find plenty of institution providing java training and each of them claim to be the best. We at electronic lab nepal do not want to claim that we are the best but you will yourself feel the difference once you are here and start learning with us. We make students gain knowledge by their own and we will only provide the basic guidelines to getting started with programming concepts. In core java you will learn every details to move to the development of very basic blocks of logical programming skills needed to become a good programmer in the future.

  • Introduction to Java
  • History of Java
  • First Java Program
  • Concept of OOp
  • Data Types
  • Data Type Conversion
  • File Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Arrays in Java
  • Control Statements
  • Threads in Java
  • Method Overriding
  • Polymorphism
  • Java Package
  • Class Nesting
  • Serialization in Java
  • Beans in Java

b. Advanced Java

Once you are done with core java, most of the programming basic would be the simplest things which would push you to advanced java topics. Here students will be given opportunity to play and learn different frameworks. The content itself will ask students to design projects and will be allowed to develop individual projects in the training classes. This course will drive you towards developing software in java advanced framework. With immense practise in coding and knowledge sharing, student can feel the difference and learn how to become a good programmer and solve issues with software development in various problem solving attitude.

  • Basics of Swing Framework
  • Database with Java | JDBC
  • Collection of Framework
  • Java for each statements
  • Internationlization in Java
  • Servlet in Java
  • Tracking Session
  • Java Server Pages | JSP
  • JSP Tag Libraries
  • Model View Controller | MVC
  • Mail in Java
  • JUnit Testing
  • Struts and Hibernate
  • Interceptors and Validation
  • Spring Framework
  • Properties
  • XML Understanding


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