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Electronic Lab Nepal focuses on solving local problem that persists in the Nepalese community with the help of latest of resources available. The lab believes that the country can only progress forward after the local solution developed by facing the on-going problem has been solved locally instead of adopting technology developed abroad. Nepal is the country unique in terms of geography, community and the cultural practice found here with respect to the rest of the world. Hence, the lab focuses on developing technology locally to solve our own problem though learning technology from the advancement going on throughout the world. The lab has been working in various technological sectors where various local problem has been solved with the latest resources available yet making the creation more oriented towards solving the problem that previously existed.

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We are always wide open to reach out to different communities and provide the best possible service from our side. Please write to us if you can become one of partner in terms of the service that we provide or any opportunities that we can explore together.

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