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a. IoT in various application

Electronic Lab Nepal has been working in the field of internet of things ever since it was founded in the year 2015. IoT is one of the huge scope that can uplift the overall development of nation by giving fastest rate of infrastructure advancement. With the help of internet of things and its application Nepal can dream of becoming smart nation sooner than ever before. Concept of smart cities in Nepal has been attracting focus and the best way to get to that desired goal is by properly implementing internet of things in every possible corners of development.
Electronic Lab Nepal is committed to provide any sort of service and get itself involved in the research and development for the best and reliable development of prototype and hence the beautiful product. The focus on IoT will only become successful when the group of organization focuses on making proper and problem solving prototype rather than adopting the technologies made abroad without giving a single think.

b. Think wisely for and about IoT before applying
The trend of using foreign technology has been thriving in Nepal. With less investment of government on research and development projects, the country is facing extra heavy problem due to the fact that everything that we use are gathering data and are sent abroad in one way or the other.
To solve this problem we need to know what sort of technology we are using to solve our problems or to make our everyday life simpler.
Electronic Lab Nepal makes deep research on the problem of Nepalese community and tries to give solution to those problem with the help of technology available locally yet with international standard. We here in ELN make things work by our own and for the very problem that needs to be solved rather than importing technology from abroad and forcefully adopting those to solve our problems. Because of this fact that we provide service on our own technology made in-house, we are different than other companies that exists in rows.

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