Smart Meter

What is it?
Smart energy meter is simply the replacement of traditional energy meter by the digital and smart system. The smart energy meter consists of various features like:

i. Digital Display on the product itself

Unlinke the traditional meter provided by the energy providers, the smart meter has every detail displayed on the meter itself. The smart energy meter is so desgined that every one can view their energy consumption with a great level of ease.

ii. Presence of network inside the system

Every energy meter made by electronic lab has network inside of it. The presence of network inside the meter can be intentional, meaning the network can either be provided by the help of gsm connectivity or through wi-fi according to the site's network availability.

iii. Auto bill generation every month

Having smart energy meter installed in customer's place is a win win scenario for both; customer as well as the service provider. Customers win as there are no bills to be received manually from the meter reader and the service provider wins as there are no hectic schedule to be maintained to go and give every month's bill to customer. The system of smart meter itself will generate the monthly invoice, sends that to customer's mobile or email or both and also saves the entire history to the database of service provider.

iv. Payment online

Auto generation of invoice is not fruitful unless the so generated invoice's amount can be paid online with ease. Keeping this in mind the lab has also developed a simplified software system with the help of which customer can make the pay online using mobile or computer.

v. Can view daily energy consumption report

As the software for both mobile and desktop has been developed, customer as well as service provider can view energy report from different perspective. The software suggests customers on how they can reduce the energy consumption by showing various strategies on the go. On the other hand the service provider can use this software to be able to make more effective plans in the near future.

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