Agriculture IoT

Nepal has been known as a land of agriculture since a very long time and is one of major source of earning for majority of people living in the country. The country was self dependent sometimes back in the production of major crops within it's boundary. But as time kept moving and development didn't progress which result to turning the past as an unbelivable story only. Nepal shall introduce latest of technology in agriculutral field to make more of productivity for which Electronic Lab Nepal can assist from Internet of Things and various other innovation from the lab. Research and Development carried out by our lab can solve different existing problem and lead to more production as well as attraction of youths to agriculture. Our lab can provide following IoT related product or service to agriculutre:

  • Soil Moisture Detection
  • With the combination of different sensors that goes directly into the farming fields, the moisture level will be monitored every single second by the system. The productivity of the field will rise as the automated system will automatically sprinkle the needed volume of water to the needed parts of the field.
  • High Precision GPS based monitoring system
  • No matter how big the field is, the precision is maintained using a GPS module which makes it even more easier to track down the field of interest and concentrates the efficiency.
  • Realtime Water Level Monitoring
  • The major component of agriculture is water and the monitoring, controlling and making the availability adequate is always a big task. Keeping that in mind we have developed following system:
    1. Internet based water level monitoring and controlling
    2. Wireless water level monitoring and controlling for sites having line of sight
    3. Wire based water level monitoring and controlling
  • Field Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
    1. Temperature and Humidity has a greater role to play in the productivity of various crops. We have developed various systems that have temperature sensors which can be installed in fields.
    2. The data of those fields can be achieved from our online portals as well from the mobile application. Apart from viewing the system from an online device the system also automatically determines what are the things to be done to gain the predefined temperature in different fields of interests.
  • Real Time Data Logging of parameters from remote location
    1. Graphical representation of weekly or monthly data is an essential need for better strategic planning for next season of productivity.
    2. We provide a UI that allows users to view their entire data from fields which helps to make good decisions
  • Drones for cattle and field monitoring
    1. Drones have become advanced and much more easier to use with the immense research done that makes it easy to operate in open fields with a very basic level of understanding.
  • Smart Decision Maker
    1. The main aim of developing IoT in daily life is to obtain smart decisions at the right time. With the data and predictive analysis, IoT in Agriculture makes it easier to decide in future providing various insights based on facts.
  • Automated DRIP Irrigation
    1. DRIP Irrigation has been quite familiar to many but it is worth not to mention if the system is not completely automatic. We also provide service to make the DRIP irrigation system completely automatic which operates in different factor that are monitored by the system itself.

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Agriculture IoT

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